Does your deck have an expiration date – try the water test?

Decks put up with a lot, literally and figuratively. On a daily basis, a deck must withstand weather, traffic and general wear & tear. Regular deck maintenence isn’t always at the forefront of our minds, so it can be quite easy to ignore a deck in need of repair. Letting your deck go for too long can range from “no big deal” all the way to eventual collapse. Ensuring that you keep up with your deck in small ways can help you avoid a big catastrophe down the road.

One simple ¬†and effective way to ensure that your deck is in good shape is to do “the water test.”

What is the water test?

The water test is very simple. Just pour a glass of water on your deck, and analyze what you see. If the water sinks in, it is definitely time to re-seal your deck. When rain or water hits, a properly sealed deck should cause the water to bead up, much like the image below.

As you can see, a properly sealed deck should not absorb any water. If your deck reacts like the one on the above picture, your deck is holding up well and does not need to be re-sealed or treated. However, if you notice that the water is sinking in, you are due to get your deck re-treated.

Deck maintenence becomes particularly important during the summer months. Kids running around outside and outdoor BBQ’s and parties create heavy foot traffic; all under the blistering southern sun. Make sure that your deck is prepared to withstand the heat!

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