Summer Home Maintenance Tips

Clean and/or repair your deck and other outdoor space(s) as needed. Your deck may need to be re-stained, or a good power washing in order to handle all of the wear and tear that summer tends to bring. Make sure you check for loose boards and get them repaired as needed.

Check seals around doors and windows. Chilly weather can cause caulk and other seals to harden and crack. Take some time to inspect, repair and replace as needed. The benefits? You could prevent water from entering your home and causing damage, as well as reduce your air-conditioning bill.

Inspect your roof and clean out your gutters. Summer is the perfect time to inspect and repair any water damage. This is a problem that should be taken care of right away, since it can cause damage inside of your home if not properly fixed.

Repair cracked or peeling paint. A good paint job will make your home look much more polished, while also providing a protective barrier from the elements.

Take care of any insect problems you may have. Pests are notorious for coming out of the woodwork (literally and figuratively) during the summer. Ants, moths, spiders and other common bug probelms are fairly easy to take care of. Make sure that you are destroying cobwebs, keeping ant poision under the sink and keeping all of your doors shut when stepping out.

Clean or replace your HVAC filters. A dirty filter forces your HVAC system to work harder, which makes costs increase.

Clean your dryer vent. Some dryer lint makes its way into the dryer vent. A clean vent will save you some money by reducing the time your dryer has to run. A plugged vent can waste money and more importantly, could also cause a house fire.

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