Summer is officially in full swing; hot, humid weather. Less moisture in the air undoubtedly affects us and our bodies, but what about our outdoor property and possessions?

When there is less moisture in the air, it can cause the boards in your deck to crack, splinter and break. The best time to waterproof a deck in mid-late summer, when moisture in the air is scarce.

How can we go the extra mile and protect our things, so that they stay in good shape for years to come? 

Regularly getting your deck waterproofed will help prevent damage, and will preserve the life of your deck and the health of the wood. One simple  and effective way to ensure that your deck is in good shape is to do “the water test.”

The water test is very simple. Just pour a glass of water on your deck, and analyze what you see. If the water sinks in, it is definitely time to re-seal your deck. When rain or water hits, a properly sealed deck should cause the water to bead up. An improperly sealed deck will absorb the water, like a sponge.

To ensure that your deck is not at risk of damage or decay, regular maintenence is important. The professionals at Obregon Painting are trained to spot problems, repare damaged boards and ensure that your deck is in good condition.

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