Fall is a favorite season for most, and with good reason. Beautiful colors, perfect weather, seasonal crafts and fall-inspired foods are enough to make any person fall in love with Fall. What are some of the biggest trends for colors and home decor for this Fall?

Inspired by the beauty of the Smoky Mountains, Fall colors have always been rich earth tones. Warm reds, burnt orangea, and lush greens undoubtedly represent the season and mimic the colors that we see in nature. But how can we use those colors to spruce up our homes, and bring some of that natural Fall beauty indoors?

Below are a few tips for decorating your home with gorgeous Fall themes and colors!

Layer Area Rugs

Layering area rugs is an easy way to add texture and color to your floors. Plus, the extra cushioning and warmth will ensure your feet avoid cold tile and hardwood floors during cooler months.

Choose Fall themed Paint Shades

If you want to create a Fall-like atmpsohere, painting a room (or part of a room) neutral earth tones in lush Fall shades is a great way to bring the season indoors. Accent walls, full room color or simply painting a piece of furniture in a room can have a huge impact on the overall look and feel.

Bring Fall Scents into your Home 

Fall decor can be visual but it also involve your other senses, like smell. Pumpkin spice, firewood and cinnamon are all classic Fall scents that can make your home feel full of Fall inspiration. You can use candles, incense, or simply boil a pot of spices – cinnamon sticks, nutmeg or cloves- to instantly make your home smell like Fall.

Swap Out Summer Bedding

It’s time to bring out the the down comforter and thermal blankets. Your room will instantly look cozier and you will be comfortable  for the change in seasons.

Store Firewood in a Woven Basket 

Keep some freshly cut firewood in a basket indoors, rather than storing wood outdoors. It will give your home a rustic Fall look, and it also be convenient.

Fill Jars with Seasonal Colored Items

For simple and inexpensive display items, fill mason jars or decorative glass jars with cinnamon sticks, branches or other Fall decor.

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