Protecting yourself from the sun’s harsh UV rays has always been important. But have you considered what effects the sun’s rays might have on your personal property and outdoor decor? Just as a person would hastily apply SPF sunscreen to protect their skin, it’s important to remember to protect one of your other investments – your furniture.

Sun exposure and heat damage to your furniture is detrimental and usually irreversible. Below, you will find some tips to keep in mind for this Summer season.

Make sure that wood is protected

The sun’s rays are one of the most destructive elements to wood furniture. It can cause fading, which is often irreversible. Certian woods, such as teak and ipe, can endure the sun and the elements. However, raw wood will require some type of coating.  Coating acts as both a water sealant, as well as an ultraviolet light-resistant barrier.  It will be in your best interest to make sure that your wood is properly sealed, stained or coated.

Clean your furniture prior to protecting it

Make sure your furniture is in good condition before you take efforts to protect it. Wood should be pressure washed and in good condition prior to sealing or coating. For metal and plastic, apply a container of furniture protector to minimize the impact of heat and radiation.

Clean any outdoor upholstery  

Upholstery should be cleaned with soap and water.  Make sure it dries completely to avoid mildewing.  Once clean and dry, spray every piece with fabric protector and reapply at the start of every season.

Protect against stains and water damage

Stain and water repellents help prolong the beauty of your furniture. Most sealants include a water repellant, which will help preserve your investment. Water repellents help prevent water from soaking into your furniture by quickening the evaporation of moisture from seeping into the wood and causing it to warp, weaken, or rot.

Store furniture correctly

When your outdoor furniture is not in use, make sure to cover it. If you don’t get much use out of a particular piece, go ahead and store it in a garage or shed. Covers help to protect from light, but not against temperatures.

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