There’s no doubt that trends have taken a swing toward minimalism, going into 2020 we are seeing more and more that less is more! Minimalism is characterized by extreme sparseness and simplicity. Whether you are embracing minimalism when it comes to your stuff or maybe how you spend your time – here at Obregon we are, of course, thinking about how minimalism can translate into your new paint colors! 

Here are our go-to minimalist colors from Sherwin-Williams: 


You can’t talk minimalism without hitting on a good solid white. Minimalism is all about embracing less clutter and blank spaces – covering your walls in white is a great way to set a blank canvas for your home décor. 

Agreeable Gray 

Another classic minimalist color is a good, classic gray (we’ve actually picked two!). Specifically, we just don’t think anyone can go wrong with Agreeable Gray – this is a color that can impress in absolutely any room of your home or business. It is classic, professional and — yep, you guessed it! – minimalist approved. 

On the Rocks

We just couldn’t leave this off the list because of how great this color has looked in many of our client projects! This is a brighter, lighter gray that can keep with a classic look while still being fresh and clean.


This color is all about embracing the darker side of minimalism and going deep with your neutral. A darker charcoal color is daring, bolder statement and makes the lighter colors around it pop – this will highlight the white space that minimalism encourages.

Sea Salt

For this color think gray meets sea foam – this is the most we will “dip our toes” (pun intended) into a color that may not quite be classically categorized as neutral. The blue green tint to this gray has a very calming effect that we do associate with a minimalist lifestyle.

Are you ready to let your minimalist lifestyle spill over onto the walls of your home or business? We would love to help you create an environment around you that matches the way you live! Call us today for a free estimate! 

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