It’s officially spring time in Knoxville, Tennessee! If you are anything like us, the winter weather keeping you all cooped up inside has driven you crazy and you are ready to dive into some outdoor spring cleaning projects so that you can enjoy your outdoor spaces all season long! Good maintenance of your outdoor spaces are worth it they maintain the proper functions and longevity of your home, but they can be a lot of work. We’ve got good news, we are not just a Knoxville painting company, we also do home repairs and the prep work for our painting projects. 

Here’s the Spring Cleaning Checklist that we are prepared to help you check off! 

  • Pressure wash your deck and apply a new coat of stain. (Don’t forget the porches or lattice under your porch.)  
  • Wash and repaint metal patio furniture. 
  • Clean, replace and repaint gutters, fascia board, soffit and bargeboard. 
  • Wash your windows – don’t forget to repair and repaint the trim and sills, follow this up by caulking around the windows to keep hot summer air out and the cooler air inside from leaking out. 
  • Pressure wash and repaint shutters. 
  • Pressure wash and repaint the exterior of your home. 
  • Pressure wash paved surfaces. 
  • Repair and repaint fences around your property.
  • Clean and repaint or re-stain your exterior doors. 
  • Repaint the walls of your garage. (Maybe this will also inspire you to clean it out a bit!) 

Don’t be overwhelmed by this checklist, Obregon Painting is here to help with our consistent standards of quality work and attention to detail. Ready to get started? Call us today for a free estimate! 865-679-7973.

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