Summer is just around the corner, and in Tennessee, that means warm weather,
days at the lake, and….. SUMMER CHORES!
I bet just reading that brought a sinking feeling to your stomach, but don’t fret! At
Obregon we will do the work while you relax!

It may come as a surprise, but we are much more than just a painting company! In
fact, we provide a wide array of non-painting services including (but not limited to)
pressure washing, concrete grinding, and deck staining.

From simple tasks like making the driveway look new again, to the bigger, more
time-draining chores like polishing concrete and refinishing porches, we have the
skills, the equipment, and the expertise to make your summer chores a breeze!
So, if you are dreading the work that comes along with warmer weather, give us a
call today and leave the worries behind! 865-679-7973

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