A common misconception is that cool seasons like fall/spring are perfect for staining
or painting decks and fences. The reality is that while fall/spring temps make for
more comfortable work, summer is the RIGHT time to redo your fence or deck. Let’s
explore why!
The first reason why summer is the premium time for this type of work is the lack of
falling debris. Particularly in the fall, leaves are everywhere. This makes painting or
staining a frustrating mess; one that can be avoided by doing the work in the
In addition to the falling debris of autumn, cool weather (in both the fall and spring)
is less than ideal because of increased moisture in the air. Damp wood is not
conducive to painting or staining, while the arid summer months create dry wood
perfectly suited for a new coat!
Finally, and this is VITAL, summer weather allows paint (this is not as effective with
stain) to dry at the proper rate. This helps the paint or stain last longer, giving you a
better return on investment!
BONUS: With lumber prices through the roof, staining or painting your deck or fence
(rather than replacing) will save you TONS of money this summer!
While we loved sharing this advice, we can bet it feels like bad news.
The reality is, no one wants to work in the heat, not even you!
DON’T WORRY, we’ve got you covered!
Our team has the talent, the work ethic, and the experience to brave the summer
heat and give you the deck or fence of your dreams!
So, pour a cool drink, kick up your feet, and give us a call today!
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