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Setting Mood For Your Home Using Color

Published by Alyssa Obregon
Color Scheme - Bright & Dark Colors

Did you know the color choices in your home have a massive impact on the way it feels?

Today we are going to look at three quick ways you can set a specific mood for your space by simply using the right colors! Let’s get to painting!

Tranquil, Refreshing Whites

White is often viewed as bland, vanilla, or easy, but nothing could be farther from the truth! By pairing different shades of white, a fresh, airy, and peaceful space is brought to life. We love this color theme! Pro tip: a concept like this leaves space to get creative and fun, so don’t be afraid to use bold colors when laying out the design of a room painted in whites!  

Use Nature As Your Guide

Our eyes are accustomed to seeing beautiful color combinations in nature. From the burning earth tones of trees in fall to the rich greens that dot mountain landscapes, the outside world is brimming with quiet guidance on how to set mood. It seems so simple, but nature has given us the perfect templates to influence the atmosphere of any space! Pro tip: use the reds and oranges of fall to create an exciting, joyful space, or the forest-like combination of light and dark greens to make a room feel refreshing and calm.

Bright Colors (In Moderation)

A common misconception in the world of color is boldness = tackiness; we strongly disagree (within reason). Sure, it’s true that an all-pink room won’t often be found in a modern home, but exciting accent colors combined with muted tones like greys, browns, and blacks certainly will. When used in moderation, bold colors give an emotional identity in any space! Pro tip: painting the ceiling of a room with a vibrant blue or green and pairing that with a softer wall color creates a feeling of dynamic elegance.

As you can see, colors really can set the mood for your home in a number of different ways. If you want to enhance or change the way your space feels, but don’t know where to start, give us a call today!

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