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A Valentines Gift That Keeps on Giving

Published by Alyssa Obregon
Valentine’s Day is just around the corner!

Let’s face it, you still have no clue what
to get your spouse or significant other. Don’t fret, we can help! In today’s blog, we are
going to make you look like a hero by sharing some truly unique, thoughtful, and
lasting gift ideas! Let’s get moving!

If the intro didn’t make it obvious, we aren’t suggesting you dash out the door to get
roses and chocolates! Instead, we are recommending what is, in our mind, the
perfect present for this romantic day, a home update!

Think about it, what would make your husband happier, a dinner out on the town or
a reimagined mancave? Would your wife gush more about a giant teddy bear or a
refreshed master bedroom? We think the latter.

The reality is you spend more time with the love of your life at home than any other
space (especially over the last 9 months) and a gift that improves it doesn’t just
make for one special day, it brings joy all year long!

Besides securing “Partner of the Year Award 2021,” a home improvement gift will
increase the value of your home and is an incredible investment to not only your
relationship but your wallet as well! Also, don’t forget you live there too which means
updating your home (think a new garage, mudroom, or kitchen) is a gift you can
give AND enjoy!

So, in our opinion, you shouldn’t throw money at Russell Stover’s or the florist this
year. Instead, refresh your home and secure that Valentine’s win!
If a home update sounds appealing, give us a call. Our team can bring new colors,
stains, and life to any space you need, and more importantly, we can help you share
the best Valentine’s Gift of 2021!

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