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Home Ups: Why Doing Them Right Matters

Published by Alyssa Obregon
Tis the Season to Home Improvements

The Christmas and New Years’ seasons have just passed and looking around, your home has suffered. Getting the tree out of the closet, hanging decorations, even the endless cooking, has resulted in scuffs, bumps, and unsightly mishaps throughout the paint and stain work of your home.

Now, what’s left to do? You can stare at the eyesores for the next year (and beyond) and pine about better days, you can half haphazardly cover up the issues to put them out of sight, out of mind (sort of), or you can knuckle down, put some sweat equity into it and have your home looking good as new in short order. The choice is yours, but we suggest the latter!

The first is simple, you have to look at your home every day. You spend more time inside your home than anywhere else, and just like clutter, unfinished rooms, or any other distraction, unrepaired cosmetic damage can be not only a source of frustration but actual anxiety. By addressing the damage, and doing it well, you can put your mind and ease and make home feel like home again.

The second reason is less about feeling and more about your wallet. You love your home and you’re probably thinking, “we will never sell this place!” But, things change. Extra kids arrive, dreams get expanded, and the call for a new locale whispers in your ear. When this happens, will your home be ready to sell? Will you have confidence that it will hold up to showings, appraisals, and the eye test? By repairing the little bumps and bruises inside your home now, you can make a big difference in the bottom line when it comes time to sell! Do the job right, and you can line your pockets with extra cash! Ok, it’s clear that you should deal with the blemishes in your home, and that you should repair them thoughtfully and correctly. But what if you don’t have the time?Or, what if you just don’t feel like it! That’s where we come in.

Our team of expert painters and stainers is here to professionally correct any damage your home may have suffered throughout the holidays (or any other time). With attention to detail, industry knowledge, and the best materials, we will leave your home looking good as new and we’re just a call away!

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