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Published by Alyssa Obregon
When searching for a home, buyers definitely seek major selling points like porches, pools, and yards, but they’re also looking for specifics when it comes to simple, practical features. The way these details in a residence are handled often determines whether or not buyers leave discussing an offer or dreaming of other options. Read on to learn how you can add appeal to your home by making a few simple changes!

Other than curb appeal, the first interaction a prospective buyer has with your home is the
front door. In fact, the entrances to and from each room serve as similar tone setters
throughout the house. If the doors in your home are sloppily painted, dinged up, or hastily
stained, buyers (and realtors) WILL notice. As we’ve said before, classy, conservative colors
work well with interior doors and more dynamic colors fit exterior doors more appropriately.
But, whatever color scheme you choose, remember that without professional painting or
staining, buyers may move on from your home.

Frequently treated more as a utilitarian feature than a cosmetic one, staircases are an (in our
opinion) underused selling point in homes across the country. This is a huge mistake.
Staircases can quickly be flipped from mundane to magical with the right stain or paint. By
properly presenting stairs, one of the most artistic sections of your home, you can
considerably increase the connection buyers feel with your space.

A final, critical detail buyers are looking for is quality trim work. One of the only features found
in every room of the home, trim, and how it’s painted or stained, can easily be the deciding
factor between a contract and a “no thanks.” This is because trim work is a microcosm of the
home overall. If a simple, surface-level feature isn’t handled with care, what’s lurking behind
the walls? Remember, beautiful trim is a MASSIVE aid in vowing buyers and selling your

If the above sounds like a lot of work, we’ve got you covered.

Let us handle the details so you can focus on spending that well-earned real estate check!
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