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It’s All In the Details: How Professional Painting Can Change Your Home

Published by Alyssa Obregon
Home Improvement and Renovations

Details make a home, and in today’s blog, we explore a few spots where they matter most! We begin by focusing on one of the most common features in any home, doors. Let’s dive in!


Doors literally welcome guests into a home and beyond that, they set the tone for each room once inside. The front door is obviously where it pays to be creative and the use of deep blues, reds, or even greens helps give your home a dynamic exterior. With interior doors, it pays to be more conservative, and the use of whites or off-whites provides understated style. In general, placing an emphasis on the way your doors are painted or stained is a major step toward giving your home a clearly defined look. Pro tip: don’t forget to give door facings the same attention, otherwise the work (and money) you invest in your doors will be in vain.


Whether we realize it or not, staircases are viewed by many as focal points of our homes. Poorly painted or stained stairs can be a glaring blot on the overall appearance of our home, but the opposite is also true. When done well, a staircase acts much like an accent wall; it creates visual interest. Put simply, stairs are very important to the look of our homes and should be treated as such. Pro tip: make sure every line of your staircase(s) is painted or stained to an exacting degree; your home will appear more elegant as a result.


We finish today’s blog by looking at one of the most important features in the home, trim work. Trim is found in every room, and for this reason, it often shapes the way guests judge your home’s overall quality, good or bad. Try to imagine a home you find beautiful that has shotty, poorly painted trim; you probably can’t. Basically, professionally painted trim work is a must. Pro tip: the pairing of white or antique white trim with a dark blue or light grey wall is an easy way to give your home a modern, minimalist aesthetic.

Needing an update to any of the features mentioned above? We have a professional team that will focus on the details so you can fall back in love with the look of your home. Give us a call or visit our website today to find out more!

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