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Painting Tips Before You Put Your House on the Market

Published by Alyssa Obregon
Is your home going on the market?

It’s the first month of 2020 and we’d like to send out our congrats to those who are still eating healthy and hitting up the gym! But maybe there are some of you who had a different kind of resolution this year… maybe you aren’t thinking “New Year, new you!” but actually you are thinking “New Year, new address!” If this is you, now is the time to start prepping your house for a Spring listing! For those who have decided that 2020 is the year to sell your house we have a few tips for a painting checklist that will absolutely set you up for success!

  • Pre-painting Prep-Work:
  • Exterior: Pressure wash the entire exterior of your home and get off any mold or mildew build up. Don’t forget decks and porches — a good cleaning can make a huge difference when combined with an updated coat of stain. (Side note: trim up any landscaping away from your home for a clean, sharp look and to keep from any moisture build up behind the landscape.)  #giveitabath
  • Interior: Seal or caulk any cracks around windows, doors, outlets or light fixtures. Fill and sand down any nail or screw holes. Wipe clean all of your walls with a damp rag and a mild soap like Dawn, over the years things like food, grease, hairspray, etc. have probably created a barrier where new paint will need to adhere to the walls.

  • Exterior:
  • Let’s talk curb appeal — what could you spruce up with a new coat of paint that will make your house stand out and look like new? After all, you only get one first impression! Think about a new complimenting color for all of your outside trim and doors to make it all match and look clean.
  • After you’ve pressure washed any decks or porches, select a subtle stain that will make these outdoor areas look inviting and natural.

  • Interior:
  • Once again, think first impression! Paint your entry way a trendy pop of color that will update and impress — this could really be a “wow factor.”
  • Make most walls throughout the whole house a matching, neutral color — this will allow a prospective buyer to see your home as a blank canvas where they are able to imagine their own style rather than being deterred by a distinct existing style.
  • Look up! Don’t forget the ceilings, any old water stains or cracks should be filled and painted over!  

Obregon Painting can do all of this & more! We would love to help you prepare your home for the market and have you one step closer to your dream home! Give us a call for a free estimate and let’s get started.

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